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Walt Disney World ticket prices and what you can do to save money in the long run if you are a huge Disney fan like us. The theme park tickets in Disney seem to keep going up and up and up through the years. I remember years ago when I was much younger that my mom and dad payed a lot less for the Disney tickets then you will now. If I remember right, they were around 33.00 for a day ticket for Magic Kingdom, Epcot or MGM, which is now called Hollywood Studios.

Now at the time of this post the Walt Disney World park tickets are $99.00 a day for a Magic Kingdom Park and $94.00 for any of the other parks, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And that is for the ages of 10 and older. If you have children that are the ages of 3 years to 9 years old then the tickets for the Magic Kingdom are $93.00 and for the other parks like Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios they are $88.00.

Disney World Band

If you are family that enjoys going to Disney year after year or just pretty often you might want to think about saving up and getting multi day tickets. My mom bought a 10 day pass for her and my dad years ago and they still have a few days left to use.

Now here is a little break down on the Disney ticket prices to save some money and buy multi day passes for your future Disney vacation. The more days you purchase at once the cheaper it will be for you.

Here are the current prices for the 2014 year for the ages of 10 years and older.

  • 2-Day Park Ticket $94.00
  • 3-Day Park Ticket $91.34
  • 4-Day Park Ticket $73.50
  • 5-Day Park Ticket $60.80
  • 6-Day Park Ticket $52.34
  • 7-Day Park Ticket $46.29
  • 8-Day Park Ticket $41.75
  • 9-Day Park Ticket $38.23
  • 10-Day Park Ticket $35.40

Now when you purchase multi day tickets for Disney you need to remember that they expire 14 days of first use. So if you purchase the tickets but don’t go to Disney for a few years that will be fine. but if you go into the park you will have to use up the rest of your days on your ticket within the 14 days.

What my parents have done in the past for our Disney Vacations was to purchase the additional no expire ticket option. So If you purchase the no-expire option for your multi passes you can come back 5 years later and still use your tickets. This is a great option to save money in the long run. I would suggest to purchase a 10 day multi day ticket and add the no expire option so you have it for future vacations.

10 Day Disney Ticket for one person at the age of 10 years or older:

  • 10 Day Park Ticket $354
  • 10 Day Park Ticket No Expire Option $340

So you will be saving 29.60 per day with the 10 day pass/no expire option for your future family vacations to come.

Guys if you haven’t heard of the Tower Garden you should check it out! If you are anything like Sara and myself and can kill any type of plants but would love to have your own garden you might want to look into the this.

The Tower Garden doesn’t use soil so you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. It doesn’t even take up much space since it is a tower. You can put it in the corner of your deck so you have easy access to it. Ahh fresh fruits, veggies and greens at your fingertips. Oh wouldn’t that be great! We are thinking of picking one of these up very soon.

If you want more info on the tower garden just head over to The Tower Garden’s Website.

Have any of you purchased the Tower Garden? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

I was looking through my Facebook feed early last week when I cam across a video that a friend shared on Facebook. It is a video from a “True Move Giving Ad” I thought why not share it here as too. Sara and I believe in helping, giving and serving others in time of need. Please share this video to all your friends and family to show that there are good people out there that will help others in there time of need. Giving is really the best way to communicate.

Well it was time to replace the flood light in the driveway with a sensor flood light. I just like it when I get home at night to be able to see in the driveway without having to go inside and flip a switch. It also would make it nice if Sara or myself needed light at night when carrying things into the house.

So when we were shopping at Walmart, a place Sara and I try to avoid at all cost, we found ourselves there once again. I thought since we were already here and I just happened to walk past the flood lights, that I would just pick one up. They say you get what you paid for.

We took it home and gave it to our electrician to install since it is pretty high and I am not really into heights if you ask me. He installed it by the very easy instructions that they had, oh so easy to install… Then we found that the sensor does not work, well that was really the whole point of getting this light. So he took it back down and told me that I need to return it and get another one.

So the next day after returning this brand new flood light, I gave him the second flood light and said well I hope this one works. If not I will have to look somewhere else for a different company’s flood light. So he connects it and tells me this one doesn’t work ether, no way, this is not happening again… Now lets look at the connections and see if there is another problem…


Oh looky here! The manufacture Brinks seems to have a problem with their production line. They are putting the wiring in wrong. The green and yellow wire is going to black and the black is going to the green and yellow wire. hmmm that just doesn’t look right…I am so glad that I am paying my electrician to keep coming back and working on a light that should have taken a short amount of time to install. Yay me… And they call that ezNstall yeah right. Well maybe it it was assembled correctly in the beginning then maybe it would be an easy install.