Puerto Rico – The Next Day

So we got up the next morning bright and early at 730 in order to meet Mom and V for the complimentary “made-to-order” breakfast that was provided by the hotel. We didn’t expect much… Figuring on juice and toast and dry cereal, Dave and I weren’t really sure why we hadn’t just had a bit more sleep… But we made our way downstairs, even more amazed at the lovely atrium in the full daylight sunlight spilled abundant rays from the skyscape to the tiled bridge and trees below. We met with Mom and V quickly enough in the slowly filling restaurant, and were quickly surprised at the aromatic breakfast trays passing around us as we got into line to have our first breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast was not sparse as we had expected, but plentiful, with made to order eggs, omelets (complete with any “stuffing” you’d want), bacon, sausage, pancakes, bagels, cinnamon buns, toast, juices, teas, coffee, and fried potatoes. It was delicious! Yummy! If I had had any delusions about losing weight in Puerto Rico due to lack of food, I was terribly mistaken… I think I may have actually gained 7 pounds! As a bonus, the breakfast was so filling, we had no need for food until dinner time, thus saving us spending money!

Shortly after breakfast, we took a walk on the private beach. We played in the sand, took pictures, and basically just took in the grand vista and prospect of the ocean. It was relaxing, inspiriting, and spiritually enlightening. The hotel was perfect, the beach even better, and the idea of spending nearly a week in paradise was intoxicating. We walked back through the pool area with no real idea as to what to do next when we came upon a young man who offered us a free dinner and a return weekend stay for only an hour of our time… We didn’t have other plans, and a free dinner sounded good to me, so off we went. We found ourselves in a time-share speech, of which we listened little, and found some aggressive salesman trying to get us to buy a timeshare… We are in no position to be purchasing a time-share, and so… we pushed them off, saying we’d return after we had eaten lunch… And when we back, luckily they were gone. We had a free dinner and a free trip back! Yay! Ok, so we wasted our first morning in Puerto Rico with a bunch of salesman who were sweaty, slick, and a bit gross, but now we had a free dinner to use that night at the romantic Italian restaurant across the street, Oregano. That afternoon, Dave and I were still tired so we decided to take a little nap…. When we woke, it was time to get ready for the manager’s reception and our romantic dinner a deux.

Ok, so at the manager’s reception we got a little… buzzed… yes, again! The drinks were FREE, let me remind you! And then off we went to dinner. There was a bit of a mishap at dinner, but since it was free, it was ok…We were seated in a booth, with a candle on it… And nice waiter who didn’t speak much English came to wait on us… he took our order.. We ordered more drinks (free dinner, remember!?) and we ordered an appetizer. The appetizer was delicious… And sometime later (almost an hour!) we found that our waiter had cut himself and was being questioned by security… Interesting, but that our order had gotten lost in the shuffle. We re-ordered with a new server, and waited nearly another hour before our food was brought out to us (all this time, we were drinking remember!)… So by the time the food came, and the fact that we had only had a little something to nibble on since breakfast, we were pretty happy and awful hungry. We ate, and the pesto was delicious! Of course, I had ordered a side salad, and they had brought me chicken with a salad on the side, and no pesto pasta with my “pesto chicken” dinner. They remedied this reasonably quickly… And we ate our meals. We also had dessert (we are on vacation remember, the time for indulgence)… chocolate cake. Yum. It was also delicious. The food at Oregano was great, if the service slow… And it certainly a night to remember. We took a quick walk along the beach before bed, and then we found sleep easy. It was late after all, being nearly midnight.