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    We want to welcome you to our blog for photography, travel, vacations like Disney, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and well pretty much anything that is really on our minds at the moment. If you ever have any questions about anything you see or read on our blog, don't hesitate to comment on any of the blog posts and we will be happy to comment back to answer any of your questions. Please like our Facebook business pages below to learn more about us and our photography.

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About Us

The story of Sara and Dave…


SarDav officially began their journey in August of 2006. However, before then they had already made memories playing in a contemporary worship band together, where they met in late 2001. After that, they became friends as Dave struggled to play “Obi-Wan” to Sara’s rhythmically challenged “Anakin” while teaching her the guitar. These weekly meetings became second-nature, but eventually, the guitar lesson was replaced with movies and dinners. Friends say it was loneliness that brought the pair together, but really, SarDav has only AOL Instant Messenger to thank for their happiness… Through AIM SarDav began to text and talk daily, so that instead of a week without speaking, it became habit to check in once a day… or once an hour.

Before they knew it, they were bowling together as friend, meeting for ice cream and talking in the parking lot till the wee hours of the night, and enjoying chocolate cake and long-island ice teas wherever they could find them.They seemed to be blind to each other, both resolute that they were only friends until one day, after having dragged Dave to Scranton PA for her father’s wedding, Sara realized what they were missing out on… each other.

Here, she said, was a great guy who made her laugh, liked chocolate cake as much as she did, and who played the guitar and could certainly understand her crazy desire to play music! What better guy could there be! And so in short succession, she had dragged him to another wedding, and told him that he was the only one for her. Taken aback, Dave didn’t know what to think, but carefully measured all she had said, and all they had done in his mind.Finally he decided that maybe she was right… Maybe they could be good for each other… And suddenly, SarDav was born.

Since then SarDav has been living life to the fullest… Taking bike rides and walks in state parks all over PA (Koosher, Twin Lakes, Mammoth Park, Naiag, and Ohio Pyle to name a few), eating in the finest restaurants (Chick-Fil-A), going to Erie Beach in the middle of winter, Going to hear and see great concerts (ie the Clarks, Mercyme, Michael W Smith, and Rush), and planning trips all over the globe… From Erie to Scranton… From Puerto Rico to Key West, from New York’s Rockefeller Center at Christmas to Niagara Falls…. ANd from Hershey Park to the long-envisioned, desired trip to the happiest place on Earth.. Mickey’s House! Come along.. and join the fun… As we travel from one path to the next, one exotic beach to another… Its a good time to be had by all. Hope you like our adventures…

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