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Puerto Rico – Buzzed And Pretty Hungry!

After our first manager’s reception, very buzzed and pretty hungry, we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner at about 730-800. Mom and Vicente came with us, and we were surprised to find that the food was typically American with some traditional Puerto Rican dishes that we could try… Dave and I were not up for trying anything new, and he had a club sandwich. I had a chicken sandwich and a cup of potato soup which was truly fabulous! In my buzzed state, I spilled water all over the table and myself… and was completely humiliated… But it was a good time, regardless. After that, we were starting to get tired, but we were invited to go into San Juan for the “bachelor, bachelorette” party… They had hired taxis to take us to San Juan to go to some clubs and to take us back…

We decided, hey, we’re on vacation… Who needs sleep! So we went… and when we got to the club that had been recommended to us… it was 11… To our surprise, they were still serving dinner… and there was still a line for dinner… And that they wouldn’t open as a club until 2 AM!… And then would be open til 5 or 6 AM! Well the party had planned to be on its way back to Dorado a little after 2, so that was out! Instead, we walked around San Juan looking for an open club. We found one, but they were getting ready to close and instead suggested a sister club called Raven…. So over to Raven we went…

This was an extraordinary club experience… We walk into this darkened bar, with a club-like purple glow… Very sophisticated crowd, all sitting around talking and drinking… And then we enter this empty side room which was aglow with candles and a huge-lava-esque purple lamp on the ceiling… With couches and a round pillow cushion (like a bed) in the center of the room… We all piled on the bed and couches lined with plenty of pillows and talked and drank some more. Dave and I were exhausted at this point, and could barely keep our eyes open… We had been up for almost 24 hours, after all. Drowsing, we enjoyed ourselves, but weren’t exactly the life of the party. We were glad to get back to the hotel around 330 AM, 24 hours after we had gotten up, and grateful to get into our beds for some much needed sleep.

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