Carnival Cruise | Carnival Pride Room And Safe

Sara and I took our first cruise to the Bahamas this year, and it was perfect! Ever since my mom and dad took a cruise to the bahamas for their wedding anniversary years ago I wanted to try it one day. When we were looking into what kind of room we would like to have on the Carnival Cruise we knew that we needed to have a window. I just knew that I wouldn’t feel that comfortable not being able to see outside, so we upgraded to a room with a window. I was expecting it to be like living in a sardine can, but it was much roomier then I expected and talk about clean! I have never stayed in a hotel that was as clean is our room on the ship except when we stayed in Disney World at the polynesian.

Another thing that I was really worried about was If they had a safe in our room and how large it would be. I know that I would be bringing some of my camera gear so I knew I need a pretty decent size safe. Our safe on the Carnival Pride Cruise ship was the perfect size to fit all of my gear. I was able to fit my Canon 50D, 18-200mm, Canon S95, underwater case, iPad, batteries and several other things that I need to keep locked up. I recorded a short video of our room to give everyone an idea of how big the rooms are on the Carnival Pride and to show you the size of the room safes. I hope this will help and have a great cruise on the Carnival Pride!

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