Horse Back Riding By Land & Sea | Half Moon Cay

When Sara and I took our first cruise vacation we chose to travel Carnival cruse line. We knew that we wanted to do a horseback riding excursion because when we took a vacation to Puerto Rico in 2007 we went on a horseback riding tour and loved it so we knew we wanted to try it again. The first thing you want to remember is that the excursions book up fast, specially the most popular ones like horse back riding, swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling etc… When we went on our cruise in 2011 the cost for our horseback riding by land & and sea was around 79.99 for each adult. First they will take you horseback riding on land for half of the tour and then they brought us back to take off the saddles and put on pads that are for the water. Remember to hold on tight when you start to go in the water, the horses really love the water it seems because they pull hard. This was one of the most awesome experiences during our cruise.

Once you are done with your ride you will get a chance to photograph anyone that is in the next group so If you have any friends or family in another group you can take their picture or video when your group is done. Our vote is 10 out of 10 in our book for this excursion and can’t wait to do it again… You can view more info on Carnival Cruise Line’s website.

Here is a video from our horseback riding by land & sea excursion in Half Moon Cay

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