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What is a 365 project, You may ask?… A 365 project is a self-portrait project for yourself.  Take a picture of yourself everyday for one year (365)  It can be with any type of camera.  A point and shoot, iPhone, DSLR or any other type of camera that you own.  The picture has to have you in the shot, not only do you have to be in the shot but you have to be the one that presses the shutter button.  You can use a timer or a trigger but you have to be the one that presses the button!  Your whole body doesn’t have to be in the shot, you can have a body part, shadow, reflection, footprints or anything else that was made by you….

If you would like to join me and several others, you can join the Michael’s 365 Project Club Forum and start adding your images every day.  Michael is having a contest to keep everyone motivated to keep on going everyday by having a contest.  Just go to Michael’s 365 Project Club by clicking here.

Here is my first 365 project image of 2012

So Sara and I went out to dinner with friends to start off Christmas vacation… We went to our favorite restaurant in Greensburg, El Patrons, yes that is right Mexican food and Margarita’s! Yes Mexican is one of my favorites… So we were surprised with two christmas packages sitting their on the table. So, we opened the first package which was a small package that had a wooden disc looking thing with one whole and 4 slots on each corner, what could it be… Sara and I sat and stared at the wooden looking thing wondering, what could this be. hmm… Scroll down…

So Sara and I had the chance to go to my mom and dad’s for dinner the other day. It was the first time we were able to go and visit and see the house decorated for the first time this year. I love to go and see everything all decorated for Christmas. Everything just seems to be in just the right place. I took my Canon S95 point and shoot camera to capture just a few things, It does a great job, for just being a point and shoot camera.

There is just something about Christmas that I can’t explain, but I love it! Every year we talk about what time we will be getting up for Christmas and every year my sister will say, we are not kids anymore, we don’t have to get up early… Well, I don’t care how old I get, I will always love Christmas.

I miss the Christmas mornings when I was little and my brother would go down stairs before I got up. He would put on all the Christmas lights so everything would be ready when I went downstairs to see what Santa brought me.  Yes even when we started getting older we would do the same thing, we would turn on all the lights upstairs and downstairs, time to start the coffee for my mom and dad because I sure wasn’t drinking that yucky stuff.  (I will take cocoa over coffee any-day, even today:)

Here are some pics from the other night!  David:)

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