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Well it was time to replace the flood light in the driveway with a sensor flood light. I just like it when I get home at night to be able to see in the driveway without having to go inside and flip a switch. It also would make it nice if Sara or myself needed light at night when carrying things into the house.

So when we were shopping at Walmart, a place Sara and I try to avoid at all cost, we found ourselves there once again. I thought since we were already here and I just happened to walk past the flood lights, that I would just pick one up. They say you get what you paid for.

We took it home and gave it to our electrician to install since it is pretty high and I am not really into heights if you ask me. He installed it by the very easy instructions that they had, oh so easy to install… Then we found that the sensor does not work, well that was really the whole point of getting this light. So he took it back down and told me that I need to return it and get another one.

So the next day after returning this brand new flood light, I gave him the second flood light and said well I hope this one works. If not I will have to look somewhere else for a different company’s flood light. So he connects it and tells me this one doesn’t work ether, no way, this is not happening again… Now lets look at the connections and see if there is another problem…


Oh looky here! The manufacture Brinks seems to have a problem with their production line. They are putting the wiring in wrong. The green and yellow wire is going to black and the black is going to the green and yellow wire. hmmm that just doesn’t look right…I am so glad that I am paying my electrician to keep coming back and working on a light that should have taken a short amount of time to install. Yay me… And they call that ezNstall yeah right. Well maybe it it was assembled correctly in the beginning then maybe it would be an easy install.

A day at Ohiopyle to get out of the house for the day from all the photo editing. We try to get outdoors as much as possible when we can. My family always enjoyed taking a drive up to Ohiopyle and go on a nice bike ride, then we usually stop about half way and have a picnic lunch before we would head back to the cars. This time we passed a sign labeled waterfall this way. Oh wow, we have been coming here for years and never knew about a waterfall.

So when Sara and I booked one of our wedding couples destination wedding in Rochester New York, we thought since we were so close why not spend a day in Niagara Falls. Now the day that we got to Niagara it was beautiful, but we didn’t schedule anything until the next morning, which was the wrong move because it pored all day long. Well since most of the things we were going to do, we would be getting wet anyway, we decided to go ahead and do them. Checkout the video below.. It was still pretty great time.

I came across this the other day and had to share it on the blog! I have been looking for more healthy snacks that Sara and I can share. This looks like the perfect snack, instead of eating chips or crackers or anything else, I think this might be a good try. Guess what! it is only 3 ingredients and it only takes 20 minutes.:)

Kale Chips | Prep Time in the matter of minutes… | Total Time 20 Min


  • Kale
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Kosher Salt

Bake them for 20 minutes but at 10 minutes flip them over so they cook evenly.

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