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A Blast Planning Our Disney Wedding

In our search for invitations, we looked everywhere for scrolls.  I thought scrolls were so romantic and sigh, part of the fairy-tale we longed to create for ourselves and our guests from the beginning of the process. We found a place that offered scrolls, but they wanted $1800.00 for our 50 invitations!  We couldn’t afford that! SO…. we decided to make them ourselves.  Dave designed the rsvp cards and found a store in Canada where we could order the balsam wood and the scroll caps!  We ordered them, designed and worded the invitation just like we wanted and then… ordered way too much wood because I multiplied wrong!  Typical Sara!  LOL.  When the wood arrived we went to Lowes picked out the perfect stain and then handed everything to Dave’s dad to cut the wood and sand the wood and stain the wood… then we pieced them together….  During that process Brittany and I worked at burning the edges of each invtiation by hand and spraying each invitation with Victoria’s Secret sparkle angel dust perfume!  Then Dave and I put them together–  take a look!  We think they turned out perfect… What do you think?    Sara and Dave

And check our our favors!  Dave and I decided on CDs right away– cause its something we both have a passion for– music.  And we love to share music with everyone.  We thought a mix of Disney music and our favorite romantic and fun songs that show off our personalities.  Our reception location was “Living Seas” so Dave rolled with that designing the CD cover and case…. While I worked on making a story out of the song list that told everyone our perfect fairytale for all our guests.  Then I found the most perfect castle wine stoppers and thought… wow that’s something I always need and its perfect… a castle for our fairytale, so we got those as well….  Hope everyone enjoyed them!

Valentine’s Day 2010

On Valentine’s Day February 14, 2010 I had a surprise for my wife for a Wine & Chocolate Tasting in Chalk Hill, PA at the Christian Clay Winery.  We drove the whole way to Christian Clay Winery before she found out where we were going.  After we were done with the Wine & Chocolate Tasting, we drove around and took some photos of the snow.  Here are some of the shots we got…

Valentine’s Day Flowers

The day before Valentine’s Day, Sara got a delivery at the front door… We got a package honey.. Did you buy me flowers? You did buy me flowers… Yay! She was so excited that I bought her flowers for Valentine’s Day. Like I would forget, can’t forget flowers on Valentine’s Day guys…

My beautiful wife smelling her new Valentine’s Day flowers that just came in the mail for her.  A surprise for her, as I kept telling her that I wasn’t buying her flowers this year…

One of her flowers came broken, so we decided to play around and shoot some photos of it.  We took a few shots in the snow and some, inside by the window as we were catching some natural light.

Did We Move To Alaska?

Are we in Alaska? I guess the news men were right, looks like we are going to need to go out and dig our way out of here. We have a meeting scheduled with a bride today at around 11 am. I think we might need to cancel it and reschedule for a later date. I don’t think we are ever getting out of here…

I think someone is telling us we better “Pray Hard” if we don’t want this to happen to us anytime soon… But we hear we are getting another big storm this week. Yay!

I just don’t think one snow blower will do the job.  We had to take off a foot of snow with a shovel so the snow blower would work.  I think we need a friend with a plow to get this job done before the day is over…

Our Wedding Pictures

Hello everyone! Our wedding pictures are finally here!  Feel free to look and to purchase any of them, at a lower cost for professional printing!

We want to thank all of you that could make it for sharing in our day, it was not only special, it was perfect.  We were blessed to have you there, and hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

Disney Wedding David & Sara

For all our friends that couldn’t make it, we are sorry!  Hope the pictures give you a glimpse of the special time we had.

We love you all,

Sara and Dave Frye

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Our Disney Wedding

fryedm - November 12, 2009 - 9:10 am

I wish we could go back and do it all over again. What a great time that was.


Sara - February 19, 2010 - 3:46 pm

me too… can we go right now? please?

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