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Our Disney Wedding

We just got our online proofs of our Disney Wedding that we had on September 13, 2009.  It went so fast… we wish we could do it all over again, what a great time it was.  Here are a few of our pictures from our online proofs. Ty Boyce and his team did a great job with the photos.  Here are a few of the shots they got, they took 849 photos wow…

Dave And Sara









Here are some more of our wedding photos… Can’t wait until we receive our high resolution photo CD.

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Clear Water, Florida | Palm Pavilion

You might want to check out the Palm Pavilion grill & bar in Clear Water Florida. It is a great location to spend a day at the beach and if you are still there for sunset I would recommend going over to the restaurant for the sunset. They had some really great live bands when we were there, it was very relaxing to me.

Before we traveled to Disney for our Walt Disney Wedding we had a chance to head over to Clear Water for some dinner and to watch the sunset on the beach. Here is video from the Palm Pavilion in Clear Water.

Disney World | Breakfast At The Polynesian Resort

So Sara and I would get up early on our honeymoon at Disney’s Polynesian resort to have breakfast outside before we started our day. It was very nice and relaxing to sit, listen and watch the birds all around us, literally. I think a lot of Disney’s guests would feed them because they were not afraid of us, they would just come up to use and want us to feed them some breakfast. The Polynesian has to be one of our favorite resorts here in Disney World.

Disney Wedding/Vacation 2009

Here are some of the pictures we took during our 3 week Wedding/Vacation starting on September 5, 2009. We had such a wonderful time, but too bad it went so fast. You can check back soon to view our videos and photos that were taken by our Disney Wedding Photographer and Videographers. Thank you all for coming and celebrating our day, or days… We never wanted It to be a one day wedding, that is why we had a 4 day wedding. Starting with a beginning party at Margaritaville at Universal City Walk, Bachelor/bachelorette Party on Friday at Bongos, Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner at the Polynesian, and the big day at the Disney Wedding Chapel and then the Reception at the Living Sea Salon to finish out our Wedding Days…




We need some more pictures from the wedding and the reception.  I guess we will  need to wait until we get the photos from Ty Boyce…



















Zauala Flo - November 28, 2009 - 6:04 am

Hello , it is Thanksgiving Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to make something fun that will probably involve a car trip and seeing something new in Northport I haven’t seen yet.
You write new post at Thanksgiving?

Jamie Iomo - December 17, 2010 - 6:47 pm

Hi there

Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it

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