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Maui, Hawaii Vacation – Day 2

We headed over to the Pioneer Inn for our first morning breakfast in Maui, Hawaii.  When I first thought about Hawaii years ago, I always thought it would be really hot and humid but it is not.  There is so much breeze all around the island that it doesn’t even feel very hot, the weather is perfect!  After we had a nice relaxing breakfast at the Pioneer Inn we headed for some shopping in all the shops they have around Laihina, Hawaii.  After a few hours of shopping it was time for some ice cream so we bought some ice cream and headed over to some nice shade under a tree for some more relaxation ah god is good….  After that I took a few pictures of Sara, my mom, dad and I, and am so glad that I brought my trigger so that we could be all in some of the pictures.  Now it is time to head over to the banyan tree, wow now that is one big tree.

After our shopping time, we went back to our hotel at the Ka’anapali Becah Hotel and had dinner at the Tiki Grille and watched the hula show that they had at the stage at our hotel.  They usually have entertainment at the stage every night after sunset.  We had some hawaiian pizza, wings and drinks.  You can say that we never wanted to come home.  In Maui, people wake up early and go to sleep around 10:00 at night to get ready for the next day.  We asked a few restaurants/bars what time they close and they said around 10:30 or 11:00 pm usually, wow.  I don’t mind, I like the early mornings…

Leaving for our Hawaii Vacation – Day 1

Is it vacation time already? It seems like just yesterday when we were booking our vacation with our travel agent at Run Away Travel. Well it looks like it is here and Sara and I are ready for some soaking in the sun. So first off, we stayed at the quality inn in Pittsburgh Pa so that we didn’t have to wake up even earlier that we already have to since we needed to be at the airport at 5:00 am since our flight was at 7:00 am. We were planing on leaving the car at a garage for the 12 days that we were going to be gone. It was only a little bit more then the price of the hotel room that we stayed at in Pittsburgh if we wanted to leave the car there, so that is what we did.

Most of our first day would be spent traveling on a plane since it takes about 12 hours to get to Hawaii. I am really glad that we didn’t have a direct flight from Pittsburgh to Hawaii, if they even have a direct flight for that far. It is nice to get to walk around a little before your next flight so you can get the blood circulating. When we arrived to the San Francisco International Airport we had a 3 hour layover so we decided to have some lunch at the Buena Vista restaurant.  Now it is time for 6 more hours in the air to our destination.  Once we landed in Hawaii we were shuttled over to our car rental and then our drive to the Kaanapali Beach Hotel the most hawaiian hotel.  Oh what a wonderful place to live for 12 days!

Flying above our destination Hawaii.. Oh I love the sound of that!

Snorkeling at Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Maui, Hawaii

If you are ever planning a vacation to Hawaii I want to warn you that you will never want to come back home.  This is one of our favorite vacation spots or should I say a place we want to move to, it is so amazing…

While we were in Hawaii, we scheduled a few excursions and one of them was snorkeling.  If you are going to hawaii, you can’t leave without going snorkeling.  The snorkel tour that we took was two snorkel locations including one at turtle town.  Even if they call it turtle town, that doesn’t mean that you will see a town of turtles because we only came across two turtles during that stop. It was still a great tour because we had two snorkel stops, whale watching on the way, breakfast in the morning and a grilled lunch on the boat that included burgers, garden burgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, salad, and many other foods.

A few days after we took our snorkel tour, we decided to go snorkeling on our own since we brought our own snorkel gear.  We just went out of our hotel at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel to the beach to do some snorkeling by black rock because that is where most of the fish like to hang out.  While we were snorkeling Sara spotted one turtle and then we spotted 3 more.  This was pretty amazing to say the least and you should have seen them face to face wow!  The one turtle was about three and a half feet wide.  It really doesn’t matter how big you are, when a turtle that big comes up to you it gets a little scary if you never seen one that up close and personal.

Hawaii Vacation!

We are heading into Monroeville, Pa for some dinner at Carino’s italian restaurant before we head into Pittsburgh for our night stay before out vacation to Hawaii. If you around Monroeville check out Carino’s, it is one of my new favorite restaurants. We are staying at the Quality Inn near the Pittsburgh airport and will be getting a shuttle over to the airport.

If you ever plan on leaving your car at the airport for the week that you are away, see about leaving your car at the hotel that you are staying. It isn’t costing us much more then staying so it is turning out to be a great deal. Much cheaper then the fee that they charge at the airport every day you keep it there.

We will be heading over to the airport around 5:00 to get our flight at 7. Much better staying in Pittsburgh then having to drive early in the morning.

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